About Julie Wettergren


Julie Wettergren Jewellery


Whether extravagant or timeless, detailed styles strewn with diamonds or simple styles made in 18-karat solid gold, Julie Wettergren Jewellery is made for the woman who cares about personal style with an extraordinary and exclusive look.

Julie Wettergren´s design is feminine and delicate, yet with a raw edge, and is an expression of her truly aesthetic and unique sense. Each piece is created with - and out of - love for beautiful, heartfelt jewellery.

Julie Wettergren´s inspiration sources range from the amazing treasures of nature to Art Deco style, Victorian history and fashion icons, such as Coco Chanel. Even architecture and flea markets can bring inspiration and ideas to Julie Wettergren´s mind. 

When owning a Julie Wettergren Jewellery piece you can be sure to have a stunning memory for a lifetime.


Julie Wettergren


Julie Wettergren has always had passion for being creative, and has studied at several Danish art and design schools.

This passionate creative blood runs in generations of Julie´s entire family. Her father is a recognized furniture designer, and her mother a well known fashion designer. Julie was brought up with design.

In 1996 Julie had her first in depth experience with the jewellery craft while working for Danish goldsmith Jane Kønig for 3 years. It was in these years Julie realized that she had found her true calling. 

In 2001 Julie and her mother opened the charming and unique shop "Wettergren & Wettergren" in the heart of Copenhagen and soon Julie's jewellery collections were demanded by stars like Helena Christensen and Liv Tyler among others.

Today, the demand has grown bigger and bigger, and Julie designs and creates jewellery for a large number of customers.  The exclusive web shop, Julie Wettergren Jewellery was launched in the summer of 2010.


Love Symbols Collection


Julie´s thought behind the "love symbols collection" is to celebrate and remember the love for the most precious moments in your life.

Julie developed the concept after she gave birth to her son, and she felt the desire to own a piece of jewellery celebrating her love to him forever. Therefore, she made a stunning pendent with space for an engraving of the first letter in her son's name.

That became the beginning of the "love symbols collection", an everlasting memory of occasions, such as the birth of a child, Christening, marriage or symbolizing your love for someone, something or somewhere very special to you.  

With the “Love Symbols Collection” you can customize your love or personalize your gift. Capture life's important moments with a beautiful jewellery piece and have a letter engraved, a memorable date or even a small declaration of love.