What are your shipment prices?

We deliver without any charge in Denmark. Shipment prices to other EU countries are the same shipment prices as the applied Post Danmark rates.


What is your return policy?

If you wish to return a jewellery piece and exchange it to another piece – or to get full refund – this is possible, as long as you return the piece in unused condition and within 14 days of purchase. Therefore, please remember not to break the “Wettergren” sealing and please remember to return the piece in the original “Julie Wettergren” jewellery box.

Any returns purchased on www.juliewettergren.com must be mailed, fully insured, to:
Julie Wettergren Jewellery
Torkel Badens Vej 6
2900 Hellerup


Christmas 2018 purchases. 

Christmas gifts can be returned for a full refund by January 12th 2019.  


Can you please ship my order without revealing your logo (It´s a gift for my girlfriend!)

We will be happy to deliver your order without our logo – please let us know in advance by writing your special request in the “Special notes” box.


Can I order a special ring size outside your normal range?

If you wish to order a ring with another ring size than what we have in our normal range (50 - 55) we offer free ring fitting from size 48 to 58. NOTE: Ring sizes 48, 49, 56, 57 and 58 require customization. While there is no additional fee for this customization, it can add up to 7 days to the standard delivery time. In addition the customized rings will not be returnable after their purchase.


Is it possible for me to check the current status of my order?

As soon as your order has been sent off from our stock, you will receive an e-mail with your tracking number. You can track down your order with this number at www.postdanmark.dk.


Can I swim, clean and wash hands without removing my Julie Wettergren jewellery (rings, bracelets etc.)?

We strongly advise you to remove your hand jewellery while cleaning, swimming, showering or washing hands. Especially jewellery made of “flat cut” diamonds, since this type of diamond cut is especially delicate to water. In worst cases water can make this type of diamond look matt and pale.


How should I treat my new Julie Wettergren jewellery piece?

In order to keep your new piece of “Julie Wettergren Jewellery” beautiful, you should always handle the piece with care.

        Avoid any jewellery cleaning product.
        Avoid hard shocks on the jewellery that can damage the jewellery piece.
        Never sleep with your jewellery on.
        Always keep your jewellery in separate boxes or jewellery stands when you are not wearing them.


What are the differences between a rosecut, flatcut or singlecut diamond and brilliants?

Rosecut is the antique way of polishing a diamond. A rosecut diamond has a flat ground and a faceted top. A rosecut diamond is a unique and demanded diamond that brings a very antique and beautiful look to the jewellery.

A flatcut diamond has a very large top and only few facets on the side and ground. In order to radiant more and show proper depth this type of diamond is foiled with a sterling silver cup.

Brilliants have a round and flat top with 57 facets. These 57 facets give the diamond an optimum light effect, a beautiful brilliance.

Singlecut diamonds are a lot like brilliants, only they have 16 facets.