Whether extravagant or timeless, detailed styles strewn with diamonds or simple styles made in 18-karat solid gold, Julie Wettergren Jewellery is made for the woman who cares about personal style with an extraordinary and exclusive look.

Julie Wettergren´s design is feminine and delicate, yet with a raw edge, and is an expression of her truly aesthetic and unique sense. Each piece is created with - and out of - love for beautiful, heartfelt jewellery.

Julie Wettergren´s inspiration sources range from the amazing treasures of nature to Art Deco style, Victorian history and fashion icons, such as Coco Chanel. Even architecture and flea markets can bring inspiration and ideas to Julie Wettergren´s mind. 

When owning a Julie Wettergren Jewellery piece you can be sure to have a stunning memory for a lifetime

Today, Julie designs and creates jewellery for a large number of customers and launched her exclusive webshop in the summer of 2010.